About Brooke Burke Body

About Brooke Burke Body

Sweat smart with Brooke Burke Body! Brooke Burke, celebrity health and fitness guru, takes you on a digital fitness journey to transform your body, one bite-size burn at a time!

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About Brooke Burke Body
  • BB Body Sneak Peek

    Take a sneak peek at what Brooke has in store for you with Brooke Burke Body!

  • App Demo Tour

    Brooke takes you through a quick tour of the app to show you how it works and share why she began the journey to create Brooke Burke Body.

  • US Weekly Do Anywhere Workout

    Brooke shows us her favorite moves to blast fat during the holidays. Featured on US WEEKLY.

  • Brooke Burke Body Press

    Everyone’s talking about Brooke Burke Body as seen on access Hollywood, KTLA and And Steve Harvey!

  • Brooke Burke Body x Fab Fit Fun

    Brooke Burke introduces the Brooke Burke Body sliders available exclusively through Fab Fit Fun!